J erry Jacobs

Jerry Jacobs

About Jerry

At the age of five, a young Jerry sat on his Dad's shoulders at a Hootie and the Blowfish concert at Joe Riley Stadium in Charleston, South Carolina. He pointed up at his childhood hero singing on stage and said, "Dad, thats what I wanna do." And that's what he's been doing ever since.  

Jerry began singing at a very young age at every possible talent show, school function, and church service that he could find. He began penning his own songs at age 8. Through Jacobs' childhood and continuing through high school, he continued to find stages and audiences to perform his music for. 

"I was born to be up there on the stage," Jacobs explains. "There's no better feeling than entertaining a crowd, and I've craved that feeling for as long as I can remember."

He soon became his own booking agent, manager, and producer. Throughout high school Jacobs was constantly selling homemade CD's out of his locker, booking shows every weekend with his band, and promoting his music. The day Jerry turned 18 he started planning out-of-town concerts for his pop/rock band and got a taste of music out on the road.

"I had always dreamed of traveling around and playing my own music, and when I turned 18 I decided it was time." Jacobs continued to schedule appearances at benefit concerts, bars, clubs, or wherever they would let him play.

Faith has also played a major role in Jacobs' life and musical journey. 

"I have always sang in Church, in the choir, the youth band, the sunday morning band, everything. Christian music was a huge influence early on, and beyond a musical influence, my faith in Jesus has completed changed my life."

After high school Jerry enrolled at Clemson University to pursue a degree in Audio Engineering. Access to professional recording studios sent Jacobs into a fury of recording and writing, resulting in several EP's released online though iTunes and Bandcamp. Jacobs' describes his college experience as "atypical," and opted for consistent weekend touring over college town life. Jacobs stayed busy with music and school, and embarked on his first southeastern tour during winter break of his sophomore year. 

"I wanted to go on tour, but there was no opportunity where we were at to get picked up on one. So I booked my own."

After returning from tour and finishing school for the semester, Jacobs accepted an internship in Nashville, Tennessee at a major radio station. On his first night in Nashville, Jacobs drove straight into the heart of downtown and set up with his guitar on a street corner. After a few days of sidewalk performing, Jacobs was invited by some local musicians to attend a writers night. Thrilled by the opportunity to perform indoors, Jacobs played the writers night and became a consistent performer at the weekly gathering of writers. 

"I knew from the moment that I stepped foot in Nashville that it was home. And I learned a heck of a lot standing on that street corner. I also learned you should never tell anything to a radio host that you don't want on national radio... the hard way."

Nashville is where Jerry fell back in love with country music. 

"It's what I grew up listening to. Dad always had it on in the car. One of my earliest memories is dancing to Hank Jr.'s Monday Night Football theme song."

Jacobs began crafting a unique brand of country/pop, and toured up and down the eastern US, playing everywhere from New York to Philadelphia to Nashville. All while attending college.

Immediately after finishing school, Jerry moved back to Nashville to pursue his music career further. After being in town a total of two weeks, Jacobs scored a publishing deal with Silvercreek Music and a regular gig at Tootsies World Famous Orchid Lounge. Jacobs is currently writing new music daily and performing every night in Nashville's famous Honky Tonks.

Jerry and his wife Samantha live on music row in Nashville with their 1 year old puppy Paisley.